Insecticide treatment for harmful insects such as cinchtotal lawn care bugs, armyworms, sod web worms, and fire ants may be performed if deemed necessary. A fungicide application will be done if a fungus condition exists. Throughout the year a liquid fertilization may be applied when the turf is in need of additional nutrients.
For those customers whose main concern is fire ants, at least once a year a granular insecticide will be broadcast over the entire lawn. If a TLC customer desires flea or tick control it can be added, which will then require spraying additional areas on the exterior, such as sandy areas, the base of shrubs, and up on trees. Granular fertilization and herbicide application will be performed in cooler months to feed the lawn and help in the control of broad leaf weeds.

All City’s technicians are trained to recognize most lawn conditions typical of South Florida St. Augustine turf and are able to determine what needs to be done to correct a situation. All City’s techs are expected to leave detailed information as to what service was performed and any other information that would help the customer in properly caring for his lawn.