1. Annual inside service starts with removing all accessible electric outlet covers and switch plates in the kitchen and bathrooms to inject a dust agent into the wall voids to eliminate any insect activity in the hollow parts of the home, preventing them from using your wiring as a highway to travel from room to room.

2. Next we apply a baited gel to the inside frames, drawer backs, and ledges of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets in order to attract and eliminate any roaches that might be harboring in these areas due to food and moisture.

3. Next we apply a clear drying, low odor liquid under or behind your stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer, as well as in your closets.  This eliminates insects as they forage in these places looking for food, moisture, and harborage.

4. Next we apply a dust agent throughout the attic area of your home to prevent and eliminate any insect activity in this dark and undisturbed area of your home.

5. Next we apply a clear drying, low odor liquid around the interior base area of your home, as well as the door thresholds.  This is very effective in stopping insects that hide under or behind baseboards, carpet tack strip, or door tracks.

6. Moving outside, we then apply clear drying liquid to the exterior of your home by coating the base of the home, window frames, door frames, and overhead eaves.  We also apply the liquid in the garage area where the floor meets the wall and the wall meets the ceiling, as well as where the overhead door meets the floor. This establishes an effective barrier that will help prevent outdoor insects from entering your home.  This step completes the multi step system of interior, exterior, and attic barrier protection,  Once treated, your home is guaranteed for the entire year.  Should any additional service be needed during the course of the year, there is absolutely no additional charge